Hosts:Chinese Regional Science Association-Taiwan /Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Information, Feng-Chia University
Sponsors:Ministry of Science and Technology / Changfeng Engineering Consulting / Dragonpolis Engineering Consulting /

Final call for submissions
Please click the link and follow the guide : 
> Video presentation submission
> Full paper submission

Welcome to join the real-time online conference on Oct.08
1. Please join Webex Meeting Room (right click and open the link in a new tab).
2. Type the meeting information shown in the table below.

Sessions Opening and keynote speech Session A Session B
Meeting no. 2559 369 1156 2554 862 7422 2550 192 7725
Password asrs2021 asrs2021 asrs2021
Sessions Session C Session D Session E
Meeting no. 2551 494 0906 2557 060 3450 2550 789 6008
Password asrs2021 asrs2021 asrs2021