Seminar Agenda (2021/10/08 Friday)(tentative)
Opening Ceremony
Opening Remark
Keynote Speech (I): Dr. Sumei Zhang    (The Title: Does the Use of Public Services Contribute to Housing Price? A Study of Louisville's 311 Service Calls)
Keynote Speech (II): Dr. Tzai-Hung Wen   (The Title: How Much Is a City's Response Capacity against a Pandemic)
Lunch break
Session A  (tentative)
Makoto TSUAKI, Yoshihiro TATSUMI  (20 mins)
An analysis of visitors by industrial divisions to urbanized area during COVID-19  
Po-Hao LU, Jyh-Fa TSAI  (20 mins)
Housing, Agglomeration, and Endogenous Growth
Sin-En LIN, Tzu-Han WEI, Yi-Kai HSIEH, Chia-Nung LI  (20 mins)
Discussion on vert space and environmental configuration and reconstruction of the elderly-friendly urban life circle.
Daigee SHAW, Ju-Chin HUANG, Ting-Yu HSU 
(20 mins)
Housing Prices, Wages, and Amenity Values of Climate in Taiwan
Q & A (30 mins)
Coffee Break
Hung-Chi LIU, Jen-Jia LIN (20 mins)
Associations of built environments with spatiotemporal patterns of shared scooter use and shared bike use
Chia-Nung Li, Yi-Kai HSIEH (20 mins)
Factor Analysis of the Disadvantages of the Disadvantaged Groups by the Allocation of Public Transportation Resources 
Sheng-Yu YANG, Peiwen LU (20 mins)
Territories, the confronted groups’ boundary and spatial development: exploring the group relations in the city centre of Taichung
Ragdad Cani MIRANTI (20 mins)
Regional Disparities in Educational Outcome, Spatial Spill-over, and the Determinants: Evidence from 34 Provinces in Indonesia
Q & A (30 mins)
Session B  (tentative)
Yi-Ting LEE, Chien-Yuan SHER, and Han-Ching HSIEH (20 mins)
The Impact of Urban Green Vegetation on Nearby Housing Prices: Evidence from Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Atsushi SUGAMA, Makoto OKUMURA (20 mins)
Integrated service design of bus transit and personal mobilities– Optimization approach for suburban station area of large city
Je-Liang LIOU, Han-Hui CHEN, Pei-Ing WU 
(20 mins)
The amount of monetary benefits of phasing out the dioxin-like compounds ‘century poison’ emissions in half a century for Taiwan
Wen-Hsin CHANG, Tzuyuan Stessa CHAO 
(20 mins)
Exploring the Phenomenon of Shrinking Rural Areas and Corresponding Strategies
Q & A (30 mins)
Coffee Break
Yen-Jong CHEN, Yung-Han LIANG (20 mins)
Regional Housing Price and Spatial Spillover– Empirical Examination in Taiwan
Jinyoung, JUNG (20 mins)
Commodification and Profit Extraction Mechanism of Inadequate Housing  -A focus on Semi basement, Gosiwon and Jjokbang
Wen-Chung GUO, Fu-Chuan LAI (20 mins)
New Media and Political Competition: A Locational Analysis
Po-Hao LU, Jyh-Fa TSAI (20 mins)
Industrial Agglomeration with Firm Heterogeneity in a Country
Q & A (30 mins)
Session C  (tentative)
Yung-Jaan LEE, Shih-Ying LIN (20 mins)
Correlation analyses of attitudes, perception and support toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Song Hee BAEK , Myounggu KANG (20 mins)
The Effects of Urbanization on Womens Development: An Empirical Evidence from 2000 to 2017
Song-Yue YANG,  Chun-Tim Timmy NG (20 mins)
Using Deep Learning Models to Predict Floods in Regional Drainage in Urban Area
Shao-Hsien LU (20 mins)
Construction of urban vulnerability index in River Basin: a case study of Da-an River Basin.
Q & A (30 mins)
Coffee Break
Kazufumi TSUBOI, Naoya FUJIWARA, Ryo ITOH 
(20 mins)
Does COVID-19 pandemic change our daily mobility? Evidence from Japanese celler-phone data
Fei-Ying KUO, Tzai-Hung WEN (20 mins)
The effect of public sensitivity to COVID-19 on spatial accessibility to medical resources and epidemic prevention: A geo-computational modelling approach
Chun-Hsiang CHAN, Tzai-Hung WEN (20 mins)
Timely exposure risk at airports app for air travelers – using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example
Dao-Zhi ZENG, Shi Chenliang (20 mins) Linder conjecture and trade pattern based on demand
Q & A (30 mins)
Session D  (tentative)
Fu-Chuan LAI (20 mins)
An Urban Configuration with Online Competition
Yudai HIGASHI (20 mins)
Urbanization effects on job search decision
Hailiang Vince ZHENG, Tzuyuan Stessa CHAO
(20 mins)
The relationship between the unaffordable housing spatial phenomenon and Land re-adjustment projects in Taichung City
Ti-Ching PENG (20 mins)
Economic fundamentals, demographic dividend and house prices: A case study in Japan
Q & A
Coffee Break
Chun-Tim Timmy NG, Hsin-Hsueh CHEN, Yi-Shiang SHIU (20 mins)
Applying Deep Learning Techniques to Estimate Traffic Flow in Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area
Sook Yan SIEW (20 mins)
Geographical determinants and consequences of the spatial concentration of economic activities across the Philippines municipalities: A machine learning and remote sensing approach
Yuhsuan Angela LIN, Tzuyuan Stessa CHAO 
(20 mins)
The research of the prevalence of dementia affected by the physical environmental factors in Taiwan
Hung LIN, Tzuyuan Stessa CHAO (20 mins)
Exploring the relationship between the temporal and spatial characteristics of fine particulate, built environment factors, and air pollution-related cancer mortality in southern Taiwan
Q & A (30 mins)
Session E  (tentative)
Kiyoshi YONEMOTO (20 mins)
Evolutionary Psychology, Reference-dependent Preference and Migration
Jung-Jung YEH, Wu-Chang HO, Yu-Chi JAN 
(20 mins)
Discussion on Participatory Strategic Planning Model of Temporary Urbanism in Vacant Space - A Case Study of Taipei City
Tien-Jui HSU, Tzuyuan Stessa CHAO (20 mins)
Implementing Aging in Place in the Post pandemic Era Principles of converting idle spaces in urban elementary schools into community style elderly welfare facilities A case study of Tainan city
Yu-Chien WENG, Yi-Kai HSIEH, Chia-Nung LI  
(20 mins)
A study on the planning of livable life circle through community reconstruction – a case study of he-ti community in Kaohsiung City
Q & A (30 mins)
Coffee Break
A-Hsuan CHIU, Yi-Chen YANG, Wen-Kai HSIEH, Hung-Ju CHIU, Hsiu-Chuan LIN, Caryat, C.Y. HUNG, Ming-Lung HUNG (20 mins)
Site Selection and Suitability Analysis for Aquavoltaic System in Taiwan
Tsai-Hua CHOU, Chia-En FENG,Shao-Hsien LU, Chi-Tung, HUNG,Wen-Yuan, LIN (20 mins)
A discussion on the assessment of urban resilience in Taiwan municipalities directly under the Central Government
Bangkit A. WIRYAWAN (20 mins)
Infrastructure development and business competitiveness: Evidence from the 2015 highway road construction in East Java, Indonesia
Q & A (30 mins)
Closing Remark
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