For a productive and exciting experience during ASRS 2021, we plan to provide the opportunity to have special sessions under the following conditions:

  • One session is 90 minutes long
  • Some donation if possible
  • The special session organizer is requested to inform presenters’ names, affiliations and presentation titles to the Chinese Regional Science Association-Taiwan ( by 10 July 2021 (25 July 2021)(5 August 2021).
  • In case that presenters wish to publish their papers in ASRS 2021 proceedings, each presenter is requested to submit his/her extended abstract or full paper to ASRS 2021 web site ( by 10 July 2021 (25 July 2021)(5 August 2021). It is also possible to publish the papers of the special session in a separate form by the responsibility of the session organizer.
  • Participants of the Special Session must register to ASRS 2021 as ordinary participants of ASRS 2021.

We cordially invite your contribution to organize special session/workshop in ASRS 2021. For an application for the Special Session, please submit the application form by 10 July 2021 (25 July 2021)(5 August 2021) to the Chinese Regional Science Association-Taiwan (